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Q1. Where can I find the price list?

Answer: The price of the package will vary according to the day, please contact us for details~  

Q2. How many staff will there be on site?

Answer: On the day of the event, there will be two staff members, one will be in charge of taking photos and the other will be in charge of printing photos

Q3. If the photo frame I choose can have 3 shots, do the guests need to set 3 poses and take 3 shots within the time limit when taking pictures?

Answer: Our staff will operate the sticker machine, the guests do not need to press the buttons themselves, the guests only need to pose the pose slowly, and our staff will wait until the guests are ready before pressing the button to take a photo. Don't worry~👌🏻

Q4. How is the service time calculated?

Answer: The service time of the selected package starts from 3 hours, and the service time can be added if necessary (calculated in hours). The wedding lunch time is usually 11am-2pm, and the dinner time is about 5pm-8pm. If you have special requirements for the event time, you can discuss with us 💪🏻

Q5. If you want to have 3 types of photo frames, will you have these 3 options before taking photos on the event day?

Answer: Correct! Before taking pictures, the staff will ask the guests which frame they want to use. Some photo frames are taken once, while others will be taken 2-3 times. Depending on the frame design selected, the staff will remind the guests of the frame. The number of shots required.

If you choose the message tree package, guests will have a message card style in addition to a framed photo when taking a photo. Guests can write their blessings and heartfelt words to the newlyweds in the blank space of the message card~ We will prepare a signature pen for everyone! 😌


Q6. What is the style of the photo album provided by Message Tree?

Answer: We use this simple photo album 😌

photo album

Q7. The lighting of the event venue is a bit dim, will the photos be darkened?

Answer: Don't worry, we will prepare a separate flash, and the flash will be specially adjusted so that it will not directly hit the face, and the photo effect will be softer.

Q8. How much space does the venue need to reserve?

Answer: We need a space of about 2 meters X 3 meters. Of course, if the site space is limited, we can look at the environment in advance and then coordinate the placement.

Q9. Will you help me design a photo frame? Is there any additional charge?

Answer: We can help you design a unique photo frame, you can also add the name of the newcomer or the event name, date, etc., the first design is free ~ more photo frame designs will be charged separately.

Q10. Can you make me more beautiful? 😚

Answer: We understand what you think~🤫, our beauty effect is naturally not distorted, it is just right🤣





Q11. Is there a color option for the background fabric?

Answer: We have a variety of background fabrics to choose from, and the new background fabrics will be updated from time to time~




Tiffany Blue




sparkling silver 

gold scale

sparkling gold 

Q12. What is the design of the photo set? Would you like to ask what is the photo set for the monthly calendar? 
Answer: The basic photo set design has the following styles, one of which is a calendar style, which is convenient for everyone to put on the desk, and it is practical enough. The calendar style is only available for events from November to February of the following year~

Group 6.png
Group 5.png
Group 1.png

Q13. Can I take a look at the frame design reference?

Answer: There are many combinations of photo frame designs to choose from, please click here for reference 👉  

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly
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